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with new health and safety protocols


Candle Light and Grip is open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday for G&E rental deliveries or pickup. We also offer weekend services with no additional cost! Furthermore we understand getting back into the swing of things can be challenging so we are offering discounts on our truck package rentals and individual equipment rentals!

Health and safety has and will always be a priority for the Candle team. One of our co-founders served in the medical field for over a decade and continues to have strong ties with the medical community, so we’ve always taken the health and safety needs of our team and your production team very seriously. Throughout the lockdown Candle’s team, along with some outside assistance from the medical world, worked on creating a seamless rental system that provides your production with the very best equipment without compromising any health and safety protocols. Reach out to us for more information!

Since its inception Candle has been staying on top of disinfecting, cleaning, and maintaining it’s equipment between rental orders to keep the equipment like they’re fresh out of the box. To better assist our clients, we will be sending out disinfecting kits with any truck package rental, free of charge. Each kit comes with a spray bottle with disinfecting solution (that doesn’t damage equipment, and safe to handle), along with a stack of paper towels / roll. And yes, each kit in itself is disinfected between rentals. Feel free to reach out to us prior to your next rental to find out how we keep your needs along with you and your crew’s health and safety a top priority


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Candle offers both grip truck packages and or individual grip and electric rentals


Candle offers ½ Ton, 1 Ton, and 2 Ton truck packages. Each truck carries a set amount of grip and hardware, which come in rugged hampers and carts for easy on set mobility and accessibility. Electric, such as distro and heads, can be added onto truck packages for additional cost. Please see the Equipment Rentals Section for a breakdown of each trucks itemized equipment list.

Grip and Electric:

Candle offers individual rentals of their grip and electric equipment allowing filmmakers the freedom to customize and build their own packages. Please visit the Equipment Rentals Section to see the list of our grip, hardware, and electric equipment.


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Candle also offers crew services ranging from Gaffers, Grips, Swings, Cinematographers, and more. Crew members can be requested along with equipment rentals.

Candle Light and Grip offers Truck Based G&E packages as well as individual G&E rentals. Candle packages their equipment in rugged hampers and carts which allow for quick access and easy mobility on set.

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