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Candle Light and Grip is a rental house which offers G&E equipment to filmmakers. The house offers competitive rates for one ton equipment packages as well as ala carte G&E equipment. We also provide crew services as all the in house employees are working set professionals.

CLG was created by filmmakers who have been working together on set since 2014. Through the years they have formed friendships and partnerships with fellow filmmakers of diverse backgrounds and skillsets. These bonds and collaborations inspired them to open a rental and production house, giving filmmakers the G&E resources they need to complete their projects.



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Our motto at Candle Light and Grip is “By Filmmakers for Filmmakers” as the house is owned and operated by a group of dedicated filmmakers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

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Candle Light & Grip houses state of the art LED units as well as the traditional tungsten lamps. CLG is an official partner of Fiilex LED and carry a wide variety of their units. Please refer to our one ton package list as well as units and accessories list for more information.

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